A provocative feministic exhibition after the #metoo-revolution. An exhibition with political antagonism, humor, sex and rocknroll. Photo, film, sound landscapes and music. Grand opening in Stockholm 2021. 

Klittpower is the two artists Elisabeth Ohlson and Nike Markelius. Together they mix their artistic expressions and put themselves on the walls, in the same tradition as many other artists throughout history. 

Klittpower is a force in this time, a brave counterweight to the heteronormative art, showing images of women that we never have seen before. Epic pieces that explore the boundaries between feminism and sexism, good and bad, ugliness and beauty, youth and age. 

In this time, when strong political powers pose a threat to both free art and free love, Klittpower stands up against the dark development of these forces. 

When art as a political and social criticism is marginalized and achieve less financial resources, Klittpower creates a room to show things that remain censored in many other contexts. 

After the great #metoo-revolution, we still see a backlash. Klittpower illustrates this time through different perspectives; the way men try to whitewash their reputations, the women's collective powers and the vision of a future with new gender orders. 

Everybody has their own vision of God - in which form he or she takes place or not takes place in our lives. Klittpower creates a room for a new interpretation of the Bible, where God is a woman, and women are the messengers from heaven - the ones that lead humanity to goodness and love. In this room Mother God meets Mother Satan, a meeting which illustrates the many sides of every human being - the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the raw and the sweet.